Under Dundee Port Authority (General) Byelaws 1984, No.67 (1), (2) & 3, the following Designated Areas for persons engaged in Water Skiing, Aquaplaning etc. to be taken as general permission of the Harbourmaster as laid down in byelaw 67 (1) & (3) of the above Byelaws.

Launching Areas for vessels used for the purpose of Waterskiing, Aquaplaning etc.

At the Slipway within Broughty Ferry Harbour for vessels used for Water-skiing, Aquaplaning only.
At the slipway immediately East of Broughty Castle for Vessels used for Water-skiing, Aquaplaning, Kiting or Parachute Towing.

Starting and Finishing areas for Persons engaged in Waterskiinq or Aquaplaninq etc.

Vessels launched at the slipway within Broughty Ferry Harbour may proceed at not more than 5 Knots around to the starting and Finishing Area for Waterskiing and Aquaplaning on the East end of the beach immediately West of Broughty Ferry Harbour West Wall.

Vessels launched at the slipway immediately East of Broughty Castle may start and complete operations within the 100 metre wide corridor defined under Designated Areas hereafter.


West of Lonqitude 2°53'W.  (West of a line drawn from the South End of Westfield Road due South to the Craig Buoy).

Waterskiinq, Aquaplaninq and Speedboat Riding

An area bounded by a line drawn from the Newcome Buoy in a South East direction to the Craig Buoy, thence in a South West direction to the MHWS mark at Tayport High Lighthouse thence in a westerly direction to the West Deep Buoy thence in a North Easterly direction to the East Deep Buoy thence in an East North Easterly direction back to the Newcome Buoy.

Waterskiing and Speedboat Riding may begin from the starting area and boats will follow the mid course markers in a South West direction leaving the markers not more than 50m on their port or left hand out to the desig­nated water ski area.

Return to the starting areas will be from midway between the Newcome and Craig Buoys in a North Easterly direction leaving the mid course markers followed to get to the designated area not more than 50m on the returning vessels Port or left hand.

Speeds leaving from and approaching the starting area will be moderate and sufficient only to allow the skier to remain in control of his ski.

East of Longitude 2°53'W. (i.e. East of a line drawn from the South end of Westfield Road, Broughty Ferry due South to the Craig Buoy and produced to the MHWS mark on the South shore near Tayport)
Kiting and Parachute Towing

A Western limit shall be a line drawn through the 2 FIXED GREEN LIGHTS on Broughty Castle in a South Easterly direction to the Horseshoe Buoy.

The Eastern limit shall be a line drawn parallel to the Western limit 100 metres from the Western limit for 400 metres to seaward from the HMWS mark.

This will form a corridor 400 metres long and 100 metres wide which will be recognised as the starting and finishing area for the above activities.

The area of Monifieth Bay may be used for Kiting, Paragliding etc. with the exception of a 400M wide strip East all along the beach area from the MHWS mark the Western boundary of this strip being the East boundary of the corridor defined above. Within this strip all power driven craft other than rescue craft are banned.

East of Longitude 2°53'W
Waterskiinq & Aquaplaning
Waterskiing and Aquaplaning are permitted East of longitude 2° 53'W except:­

Within the 400 metre wide strip of beach to the East of Broughty Castle defined above where all power driven craft other than rescue craft are banned.

Within a 400 metre wide strip measured South from any point on the MHWS mark on the North Shore, East from the South end of West­field Road (2°53'W approx) to the Western limit for Kiting and Parachute Towing described above where all power driven craft, other than rescue craft, shall not proceed at speeds in excess of 5 Knots except in the 100 metre corridor provided for vessels engaged in waterskiing, aquaplaning and speedboat riding.

The area of the Port West of the Tay Road Bridge can, for the time being, be used for all watersports subject always to observance of the Byelaws.

Copies of the Byelaws can be had on request from the Dundee Port Authority, Harbour Chambers, Dock Street, Dundee.

Byelaw 67 will be strictly enforced and attention is drawn to Byelaw 93 of the Dundee Port Authority (General) Byelaws 1984, which deals with penalties for contravention or otherwise failure to comply with the Byelaws.

Chief Executive
Harbour Chambers
Dock Street
15th August, 1985

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