Coastwatch Tay Fundraising

Coastwatch Tay Unit does not receive funding from the government or local authorities and we do not charge anyone for the services we provide to our communities, we rely on our own fundraising, along with product and financial donations from the public and local businesses. 

All Coastwatch volunteers are unpaid. We do not have any paid employees.

Our volunteers pay for most of their own equipment, clothing and expenses.

Coastwatch Tay does not attract the same high profile as mountain rescue teams and as such does not easily attract sponsorship from large national or multi-national companies.

Fundraising activities

Our members work hard to raise funds for the organisation. As well as spending time on street collections and other direct means of collecting cash from generous members of the public, we also organise activities and involve ourselves in other people's fundraising. 

How you can help Coastwatch Tay 

Here are some ways you may be able to support us.

You can make a donation by sending us a cheque or postal order (payable to "Coastwatch Tay") or you can make a donation into our collection tin at any of our events held along the Tay.

If you make a donation we will not use your details to send you unsolicited emails or junk-mail.
How Companies and Other Organisations can Help Coastwatch Tay 
If you represent a commercial company or other organisation, here are some ways that you may be able to help:

Financial donation

Equipment or service donation.
If your company produces or sells equipment, or provides a service that may be of use to us, you may like to make a donation in kind.

Ongoing sponsorship.

We would like to develop relationships with organisations that are able to provide money, equipment or services to us on a regular basis.  Please contact us directly if you would like to offer ongoing support.

Help your staff to help us.

You could encourage your staff to support Coastwatch Scotland by running fundraising events.

Please contact us if:

You would like more information about any of these options, or you would like to discuss other ideas for supporting our work, or you would like someone from Coastwatch Tay to come and give a presentation at your organisation.  

We look forward to working with you

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Disclaimer Notice 9th November 2009 - Coastwatch Tay is an autonomous organisation and although affiliated with the Coastwatch Scotland network we accept no responsibility or liability for the actions, business transactions or associated services of any similarly named organisation using the name ‘Coastwatch’ or ‘Coastwatch Scotland’. Please also note that we are NOT part of the National Coastwatch Institution or Sea Safety Group which does not operate stations in Scotland.
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